A Familiar Betrayal by Brianna North

A Familiar Betrayal by Brianna North
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

The Bennetts are the picture-perfect family: at least, that’s what they want the subscribers to their famous vlogging channel to think. Between Mom’s obsession with their impeccable reputation and Dad hardly in the picture, seventeen-year-old Alyssa’s life is anything but normal when the cameras are off. Her parents’ divorce was a lot messier than it was portrayed online, and Alyssa wants nothing more than for Mom to put an end to their channel so they can finally get the privacy they deserve.

But when a video exposing the truth goes viral, Dad is out for revenge.

The last thing Alyssa ever expected was to be kidnapped by her own father, but as the days take a darker turn and the threats become increasingly violent, she must fight for survival. But what do you do when the person who was supposed to keep you safe becomes your biggest nightmare?

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