A Winter Of Blood by Jack Cartwright

A Winter Of Blood by Jack Cartwright
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A terrible past, a chilling present, and a deadly future…
In the frigid aftermath of a Boxing Day tragedy, ageing DCI Charles Cook faces a sinister conundrum – the lifeless body of eight-year-old Harry Dickens is found lying in a quiet country road, while his Aunt Janice, fourth in line to inherit the family business, is reported missing. The crimes become the catalyst for an investigation poised to shatter the rural Lincolnshire community.

But there is no time to let the dust settle. The wealthy Dickens family are coming to terms with their loss when a grisly Christmas package is delivered, along with a deadly ransom – end their centuries-old dynasty or Janice Dickens dies.

Memories that Cook had suppressed for a decade intertwine with the bloody case, sending him spiralling him into a nightmare, offering DC Devon the chance to step up and finally show him what she’s capable of.
However, as Cook and Devon form their uneasy father-daughter alliance, the investigation unearths the family’s horrific past, casts deadly shadows on their present, and reveals a cold and barren future for all involved.
Will Cook put his past behind him long enough to untangle the web, will Janice Dickens be found before the killer strikes again, or will the winter frost claim more than just a child’s innocence?

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