Between the Lies by L.T. Ryan, K.M. Rought

Between the Lies by L.T. Ryan, K.M. Rought (Bear & Mandy Logan #5)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

In the shadowy world of espionage and crime, Bear Logan, a seasoned operative, finds himself plunged into a perilous mission against Reagan, a mysterious figure at the heart of a formidable criminal network. But in Between the Lies, the line between ally and enemy blurs, and trust is a luxury Bear can hardly afford.

As Bear and his partner Iris unravel the threads of a conspiracy that stretches into the highest echelons of power, involving drug trafficking, weapons, and more sinister deeds, they face an adversary who always seems two steps ahead. Meanwhile, Bear’s daughter Mandy, at a prestigious boarding school, stumbles upon a chilling connection that ties her classmates’ elite parents directly to Reagan’s nefarious activities.
With each chapter weaving between Bear’s high-stakes pursuit in the underbelly of global espionage and Mandy’s covert investigations in the halls of academia, Between the Lies offers a dual narrative that accelerates towards an explosive convergence.

Betrayals, secrets, and unexpected alliances form a complex web where Bear must question everything he knows about loyalty and justice. And as Mandy, with the help of her tech-savvy friend Marcus, delves deeper into danger, the line between her school’s ivy-covered walls and the world’s dark corners dangerously thins.

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