Beyond the Light Horizon by Ken MacLeod

Beyond the Light Horizon by Ken MacLeod (Lightspeed Trilogy #3)
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

Humanity has taken to the stars, using faster-than-light travel to reach distant planets and new worlds. But in the far reaches of the galaxy, John Grant will discover a planet of humans who believe he has travelled not only through space to find them, but time.

On Apis, the mysterious Fermi appear to have vanished, taking with them knowledge of the universe that humanity desires. But Marcus Owen, the robot AI now plagued with sentience, knows that the Fermi would not easily abandon the native life of Apis, and that they won’t take kindly to mankind asserting dominance on a world that does not belong to them.

Beyond the Light Horizon is the jaw-dropping conclusion to the Lightspeed trilogy from science fiction legend Ken MacLeod, a thrilling tale of politics, AI and the far reaches of space.

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