Cold Blood by Marnie Vinge

Cold Blood by Marnie Vinge (Josephine Larson #1)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Investigative journalist Josephine Larson specializes in a few things: holding her own with felons, ferreting out information from reluctant criminals, and writing best-selling books about serial killers.

After penning the definitive volume on America’s most gruesome serial killer, Nathan Kelly, otherwise known as the Heartland Hunter, Jo’s been a guest on every morning show and true crime special in the last year.
Kelly was known for capturing his victims at campgrounds, torturing them, starving them, and releasing them onto his isolated property in Oklahoma to hunt down like game.

For the majority of her career as an investigative journalist, she’s been catching up with killers after the fact. But when a woman runs naked out of the Alaskan wilderness onto an isolated highway telling a tale very similar to those of Kelly’s victims, Jo gets a phone call she isn’t expecting.

Suspecting a copycat killer, Special Agent Lucas Parker wants her insight from the time she spent interviewing Nathan Kelly.
When Josephine arrives, she finds herself in the middle of a true crime story unfolding in real time. Women are going missing and being found dead. With every lead turning cold, Jo sees only one option.
To go camping by herself where the last victim went missing.

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