Dark Secret Ending by Penelope McGrath

Dark Secret Ending by Penelope McGrath
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Emma finds herself still questioning her sanity with the lies and secrets her dead husband left behind.
The night Emma heard her husband Kendrick’s voice again, he asked her to look deeper into his journal and follow their love story to find the answers.
She has been having nightmares about him since the day she found his dead body at home – but he hasn’t spoken to her, until now.

But looking for answers to his many secrets back then, is the cause of Emma’s shaky mental state today.
After the traumatic experience she endured following Kendrick’s murder, she deserves to have her revenge.
Emma’s sister is worried about her and pushes her to get professional help.
That’s where she finds the help she needs in Jake, a reporter covering Kendrick’s case.
But her paranoia’s getting worse and she’s certain that the people responsible for Kendrick’s death are still watching her.
It could be anybody, and when the young girl she just met turns up dead, she suspects they are one step behind her.

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