Death at Larch Bridge by Gretta Mulrooney

Death at Larch Bridge by Gretta Mulrooney (Daisy Moore Mysteries #2)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 513 KB

Even in peacetime, death is just around the corner.
A mysterious letter.
A brutal murder on a lonely country lane.
A town full of suspects.

Oxfordshire, 1946. Lieutenant Ronnie Carpenter and his wife check into their chintzy room at the Dolphin Hotel. Then Ronnie steps out for some air. Never to return.
He’s only just checked in. Now he’s vanished without a trace.
The next morning, Ronnie’s body is found, slumped in the passenger seat of a stolen car, abandoned on Broadmeadow Farm. A bullet through his head.

Dolphin manageress Daisy Moore can’t help but be drawn into the investigation. Especially when Ronnie’s long-suffering wife comes crying to her for help.
She tells Daisy she feels lost without him. Simply devastated.

But Daisy can’t shake the feeling that her tears are all for show.
Daisy soon finds herself on a wild goose chase, searching for the truth. Every new lead comes to a dead end.
The deeper she digs into Ronnie’s secrets, the more dirt she finds.
Can she uncover the killer before anyone else dies?

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