Don’t Open The Door by Cole Baxter

Don’t Open The Door by Cole Baxter
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Be careful when you open the door to strangers…
Successful, happily married former military contractor Samson Chase is spending his time alone while his wife Teresa is on a business trip enjoying beer, takeout, and terrible movies while he works on his latest psychological horror novel.
But things take an unexpected turn when a knock on the door brings two beautiful young women to his doorstep, claiming to be stranded after a double date gone wrong.

He lets them in to use his phone…not realizing that he’s just made a terrible mistake.
Samson wakes up with no memory of the night before and into a nightmare. Not only have the women destroyed his house and stolen from him, but they blackmail him with a video of an inappropriate encounter he can’t even remember.
Months later, abandoned by his furious wife, on the hook for the house repairs, and in trouble with his publisher, he is back on his feet and ready to seek his revenge. The two girls have made two mistakes: targeting a man of his talents, and stealing a phone with a tracker in it.
It’s time for some payback…and nobody is more creative at revenge than a man who scares people for a living, and has absolutely nothing left to lose.

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