Embers of Summer by J.R. Sinclair

Embers of Summer by J.R. Sinclair (DI Joseph Stone #3)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

How far will a twisted mind go in the name of vengeance?
Jimmy Harper, a successful vintage car salesroom owner, is discovered burned alive inside his cherished Aston Martin DB5. When a double-headed coin is found in his mouth, it’s apparent that there’s something more sinister going on.
Why was Jimmy targeted and murdered in such a brutal manner?

As they delve into the investigation, Joseph and Megan uncover a disturbing pattern of failed businesses reduced to ashes. As their professional lives become entwined with the case, loyalties blur and hidden dangers lurk around every corner, leaving no room for error.
Drawn into the disturbed psyche of an elusive arsonist driven by an insatiable thirst for fire and vengeance, the detectives must tiptoe on a razor’s edge. Each revelation brings them closer to a bone-chilling truth, and a far greater threat lurking in the shadows.
Can they identify the twisted mind behind the murders before the killer strikes again?

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