Forbidden Refuge by Stan C. Smith

Forbidden Refuge by Stan C. Smith (Peregrine Outpost #3)
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

An idyllic world for Earth’s last survivors. But tranquility comes at a price.
Ember, Seven, and their eclectic team are running out of time. Desperate to secure a suitable terraformed planet for the last 12,000 people on Earth, the team’s options are dwindling.
Long before civilization collapsed, humans sent legions of worker bots to terraform fourteen exoplanets. On each world, an artificial intelligence named Ethos coordinates the intricate terraforming process.

With Earth now uninhabitable and humans nearly extinct, Ember, Seven, and the team discover a disturbing pattern as they explore these terraformed worlds—the Ethos of each world has abandoned its mission, with horrifying consequences.

Demoralized and weary, the team reaches the only remaining planet, bracing themselves for another nightmarish encounter. Instead, they find a seemingly ideal haven. However, amidst fantastical creatures and breathtaking vistas, the survivors become ensnared in a high-stakes struggle for the future of humanity.

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