Ghost Chrysalis by Plum Parrot

Ghost Chrysalis by Plum Parrot (Cyber Dreams #2)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Juliet Bianchi was once just another working drone, struggling to survive in a world where megacorporations reigned, information was power, and that power was worth killing for. Then she stumbled upon a kidnapping gone wrong and ended up with a stolen AI chip that took her from the bottom of the barrel to a top-tier realm of mercs, freelancers, and assorted unsavory folk.

With a little help from her embedded AI, Angel, Juliet quickly proved herself as an operator in that realm: adapting, overcoming obstacles, and kicking some serious ass. Now known as “January” to others in the caper biz, she’s still dealing with a betrayal that put her and her crew in danger—and emptied her coffers to boot. If she’s ever going to get out of Phoenix (and maybe off-world), she’ll have to get back on the horse and start pulling some paying jobs.

When she’s hired to infiltrate Grave Industries, Juliet quickly discovers she may have to pay a price of her own. The job requires her to become an entirely different person in body and mind, and the deeper undercover she goes, the more she fears her new identity will control her life far longer than she’d like . . .

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