Golden Flames by Jaime Castle, Andy Peloquin

Golden Flames by Jaime Castle, Andy Peloquin (Dragonblood Assassin #4)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The battle grows dire. The death toll rises. The end is nigh.
Natisse, believing Kullen has fallen to a traitor’s blade, fights on to honor his memory and to complete his final mission: to save their Empire from the enemy fleet threatening destruction. Together with Golgoth, she must stand before the very fires of Hell to protect the city and people she has come to love.

Kullen, gravely wounded, finds himself dragged back from the brink of death. But if the gods are kind, he might just find allies to aid in his battle to avenge the dead and hold the chaos-gripped city together in the most unexpected of places.

United by common purpose, they and all of Dimvein must stand strong—or face total annihilation at the hands of a power older and crueler than even the dragons they command.

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