Happy Dog by Chelsea Barstow

Happy Dog: 101 Easy Enrichment Activities for a Healthy, Happy, Well-Behaved Pup by Chelsea Barstow
English | 2023 | Hobbies & Home

Go beyond training and tricks with enrichment activities to improve your dog’s mental health from TikTok dog enrichment specialist Chelsea Barstow.

It’s time to take a big step beyond the regular old sit, stay, and roll over with your dog. Canine enrichment can help reduce stress in your dog as well as give them a constructive way to drain their energy. We all know what it’s like to be bored at home, and with a dog, boredom leads to trouble.

With Happy Dog, you will learn simple ways to stimulate your dog’s mind and keep them occupied whenever they need. From rolling treats in a towel, to playing the Find It game, a variety of lick mats, creating obstacles your dog must navigate, going on an adventure walk, and canine puzzles, there are tons of ways to help keep your dog mentally (and physically) happy and healthy.

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