Hard Exit by J. B. Turner

Hard Exit by J. B. Turner (Jon Reznick #11)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

When a Swiss intelligence agent goes missing—taking with him thousands of classified documents that have the potential to expose covert agents and information around the world—he also threatens to expose the one secret that will change Jon Reznick’s life forever.
Hans Muller has found someone on Swiss CCTV footage—someone who is supposed to be dead, someone from long ago in Reznick’s past. If her true identity is as Muller suspects, and if he divulges her secret, it could be dangerous for her and her loved ones, not to mention disastrous for national security.

In a shocking twist of fate, the mysterious woman looks exactly like Jon Reznick’s late wife, who was thought to have died in the 9/11 attacks. Reznick has to know: Is this just a case of mistaken identity, or has Elisabeth been alive all this time?

Reznick jumps into an international fray with Swiss Intelligence agents and the CIA to find the missing classified documents and his own answers. Anyone who knows Jon Reznick knows he won’t rest until he finds the truth…even if it upends his life as he knows it.

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