Just the Nicest Family by Alison James

Just the Nicest Family by Alison James
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

They seemed like the perfect family. But their secrets are about to come out…
I push open the door to the beautiful French villa and my clever, handsome husband and adorable wide-eyed children follow me inside, taking in the breath-taking view. This should be a blissful summer break, filled with sun, swimming and relaxation but the truth is very different.
Because my husband has just revealed the real reason we’re here.

When our friends staying at the sprawling villa greet us on the sun-soaked terrace, I smile brightly and attempt to calm my nerves. If I can just behave normally, everything will be fine. But if any one of the people sitting around the clear, blue pool discovers the truth my whole world could be shattered.
So I have to pretend we’re the perfect family and I’m the perfect wife – all the while knowing that our lies could destroy us.

If our secrets begin to unravel, how far will my husband and I go to protect them? And will two weeks in the sun end in murder…?

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