Killer Charm by Dan Padavona

Killer Charm by Dan Padavona (Logan and Scarlett Thrillers #9)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A senator’s daughter beaten beyond recognition. And the deadly secret she kept.
The nation’s capitol is in upheaval as a group known as The Red Horizon Collective threatens the government’s power structure. But it’s the radicals who keep showing up dead.
Forced to work together, Agent Gardy and Logan Wolf put their differences aside and join Scarlett Bell to stop a deranged killer.

Who murdered the senator’s daughter?
When a blackout plunges the city into a panic, The Red Horizon Collective strikes at the heart of the city. Yet the killer is still out there, waiting to claim another victim.
Can Logan and Scarlett catch the murderer before another innocent dies? Or is the nation doomed to eternal darkness?

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