Lagrange Calling by Doug J. Cooper

Lagrange Calling by Doug J. Cooper (Cuss Abbott #2)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A daring heist at Avium Pharmaceuticals leaves one dead and a shipment of pleasure drugs missing. The thieves employ unheard-of technology during the crime—a filter that renders them invisible to police surveillance—and escape Lagrange in a stolen spaceship. Interworld Marshal Cuss Abbott and partner Ygo track the criminals to Utopia, a lawless frontier town on Mars.

Accompanied by the beautiful Detective Eve Boucher, they sprint in pursuit. During the weeks-long journey to the Red Planet, they strategize and plan, only to arrive unprepared for the harsh reality of life in a mining settlement ruled by criminal syndicates. Forced to rely on their instincts and each other in a hostile society, the line between revenge and justice blurs. Cuss publicly challenges the syndicate bosses in a breathtaking showdown, knowing a single misstep can unleash disaster in a place where criminals make the rules.

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