Last But Not Least by Leslie Vermeer

Last But Not Least: A Guide to Proofreading Text by Leslie Vermeer
English | 2023 | Education & Reference

Systematic, practical, complete — an essential resource for anyone who works with words
Proofreaders are like goalkeepers: the last line of defence against mistakes that slip past their hard-working teammates. While proofreading is obviously not the only important job in the writing process, it is a necessary one — last, but definitely not least.

The best proofreaders know that efficient and precise proofreading requires more than grammatical and mechanical expertise. It requires focus, sensitivity, self-awareness, almost saintly patience, and — importantly — a thorough understanding of the core responsibilities and processes of the proofreader. To be a great proofreader, you need to learn to think like one.
Last But Not Least takes you beyond the basics of punctuation and grammar and into the nuts and bolts of how proofreaders think and work. This combination reference and workbook is a go-to guide for novice proofreaders and seasoned professionals alike. Includes grammar and punctuation primers, as well as 25 exercises to sharpen your skills.

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