Never Dead by Joe Scipione

Never Dead by Joe Scipione
English | 2024 | Horror

A series of grave robberies in the 1920’s go unsolved until reporter Michael Jacobs follows a new thread. His investigation leads him to a small town in the suburbs of Chicago named Elk Hills. While there, he finds out more haunting information than the police ever discovered. But with each interview bringing him closer to the truth, he finds himself becoming a part of the story he was looking to write.

At the same time, wealthy businessman Edmund Creighton organizes a group of equally wealthy families and individuals in the Chicago area to finance illegal experiments in the basement of his mansion. These experiments require the presence of recently dead bodies which the members of the secret society are more than happy to acquire. But by the time these dark secrets are uncovered, it may be too late for Michael, or the truth, to make any difference.

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