Prosecutor of Metalhaven by G J Ogden

Prosecutor of Metalhaven by G J Ogden (Metal and Blood #2)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Still numb after the shocking events of his trial, Finn Brasa finds himself suddenly elevated to the position of Apprentice Prosecutor, working for the Authority – the regime he’s desperate to tear down.
With barely any time to process the tragic final moments of his brutal trial, Finn has little choice but to trust a woman who had been ordered to kill him. Only with her help and mentorship can he adapt to life as a ‘Gold’ and successfully hide his hatred for the Authority from the tyrannical evaluators who test and challenge his loyalty at every turn.

But his loyalty isn’t the only thing put to the test. Finn must survive weeks of arduous contests of strength and cunning against five other apprentice prosecutors, all of whom see him for the imposter and fraud he is.
With the prosecutors and the Special Prefecture, insidious and cruel agents of the Authority, breathing down his neck, can Finn survive a dangerous double-life long enough to escape Zavetgrad and finally reach Haven?

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