Rising Phoenix by Evan Graver

Rising Phoenix by Evan Graver (The John Phoenix #1)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Venezuela has become an explosive battleground where the CIA’s covert operations crumble under the scrutiny of the enemy. After the systematic unmasking and elimination of CIA officers and assets, John Phoenix and a team of seasoned contractors are thrust into the heart of chaos. Their mission: rescue the sole surviving asset from the clutches of Venezuela’s merciless secret police.

However, the enemy is one step ahead, orchestrating a cunning ambush to showcase a perceived U.S. invasion. Hunted by the relentless forces of Venezuela’s military and criminal underworld, Phoenix and his team teeter on the precipice of survival. In a heart-stopping escape, they narrowly evade capture, leaving behind a trail of shattered loyalties.

Phoenix, haunted by the ordeal, swears off ever returning to Venezuela, but the CIA has different plans. Armed with a backpack full of cash, he is reluctantly dispatched back to the poverty-stricken nation. As Phoenix embarks on his most perilous mission to date, the thin line between ally and adversary blurs in the murky world of clandestine operations. Trust becomes a rare and precious commodity, and Phoenix finds himself once again on the run for his life.

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