Scavengers by Brian J Nordon

Scavengers by Brian J Nordon (Quest Academy #2)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Change is coming to Quest Academy. Can Sal rise to the occasion?

When the second years nearly lose their lives in a failed excursion, it’s the first years that pay the price. The curriculum is being radically altered to challenge the students, which means the stakes just got a lot higher.
Salvatore’s worst nightmare is taking on a demon, but if he wants to stay at Quest Academy, how will he prove to himself and everyone else that he can succeed? He’s going to have to take on an entire floor of a demonic tower before the first semester comes to a close.
That’s the least of Sal’s problems as he navigates through his first student mission away from the school. Sal is more comfortable at the crafting table, but he needs to survive in a reclaimed zone, outside of the academy, with the worst team of misfits you could possibly imagine.

It’s time to push the limits of Mythcrafting…

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