Secrets of the Unseen by Elle Gray

Secrets of the Unseen by Elle Gray (Storyville #4)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

The end is near.
As the small town of Storyville tears itself apart and the residents turn on each other, Cora sees the worst in humanity.
Voices whisper in the back of her mind, telling her that perhaps Uriel and Sandra aren’t entirely wrong.
That perhaps the darkness bleeding across the world has spread too far and can’t be reined in. She recognizes that she—and humanity as a whole—is being tested. Judged. And she begins to fear that perhaps humanity is beyond saving. That it is beyond redemption.

The world is on fire and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. And with the Apocalypse bearing down on them, Cora finds herself in the fight of her life. She has been burdened with powers she never asked for and a destiny she never wanted. But with enemies all around her, Cora doesn’t know who to put her trust in. Or if she can put her trust in anybody at all.

The competing visions for the world and humanity are bleak and Cora finds herself in despair. But from that darkness, Cora sees a path that might allow her to help save the soul of humanity without giving in to the outside forces.
She believes it might even allow her to save and redeem her own soul.
The beginning is the end and the secret of the unseen is about to be brought to light.
The only question is… Are you ready for the truth behind Storyville?

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