Tartarus by H.G. Ahedi

Tartarus by H.G. Ahedi (Realm #4)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Emmeline Augury and hitchhikers from the past escape the city and are thrown into a perilous world bombarded by asteroids. Before she can fathom her situation, a pack of ravenous predators capture the group and drag them into their lair of darkness.

On the other side of the galaxy, ensnared by powerful aliens, Titan and Prometheus face imminent danger. Captain Mykel Lockhart’s absence hangs like a foreboding storm. Stranded and defenseless, Commander Anastasia Waters’ situation worsens as the crew begins to vanish one after another. In a chilling turn, the living perished, and the dead resurrect before her eyes.

Back in the 21st Century, the queen’s quest to retrieve the mythical device forces her to confront the dark secrets of her past. A journey fraught with death and betrayal, a double-edged sword, and hers is stained with blood. With no time to shed tears, she is forced to consider a proposal from her enemy—a gamble that could elevate her to greatness or doom her forever.

While Emmeline and the stowaway crew of the Raven forge a daring escape, Anastasia battles the undead and deadly aliens to free the ships. The queen twists the wheel of fate in her favor and sets off the first domino. Nothing will remain the same. Each soul will be tested, tortured, and forced to fight for freedom. Who will rise? Who will fall? Each will pay a toll, because in the heart of Tartarus, the line between good and evil is very thin.

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