The Conductor by John W. Mefford

The Conductor by John W. Mefford (Jack Whitfield Thriller #7)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A coded letter.
A hit team.
And a shocking revelation.

Determined to piece together the puzzle of a mysterious death, Jack is forced to take on a partner. Does she have a hidden motivation?
Another seemingly random person is murdered, this time at The Mall in Washington, DC. Jack digs to learn the cause of death: Novichok poisoning—the same that almost killed Russia opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

From Washington, DC to Moscow and then on to France, Jack feverishly searches for the enigmatic figures behind the murders.
As Jack battles foes both foreign and domestic, he starts to unravel a deadly conspiracy sixty years in the making.
But just as Jack deciphers a hidden message to blow up the entire deadly operation, he’s hit with a haymaker: someone has unlocked a secret that will forever alter Jack’s life.

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