The Cursed Thief by Matt James

The Cursed Thief by Matt James
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Ye be warned. Turn back or die.

A diary belonging to pirate legend Anne Bonny is discovered in the Bahamas. Inside is evidence of a secret buccaneer stronghold, one that was transformed from thriving sanctuary to chilling tomb all because of a single jewel, the Diamond of Despair. Can it be found? Should it be found? One family won’t have a choice but to try.

For her entire life, Sean and Sydney Flynn have told their daughter they were rare antiquities experts with clients all over the world. Their combined knowledge is extraordinary, an aptitude that has rubbed off on the now seventeen-year-old Charlotte, as did their love for adventure. “Charlee’s” passion for ancient ruins, fabled relics, buried treasure, and lost civilizations runs deep, particularly anything involving swashbuckling pirates.
An enemy from Sydney’s past rears its ugly head in an attempt to recover a piece she borrowed two decades earlier. As a result, the Flynns are attacked and forced to flee their beautiful Costa Rican home. It’s then Charlee learns what her parents have really been up to for the better part of twenty years.

Mr. and Mrs. Flynn are “Black Market acquisitions specialists.” To put it plainly, they’re THIEVES, and to keep Charlee safe in a dangerous world, they’ll have to teach her to become one too.

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