The Girl Between by Tony Healey

The Girl Between by Tony Healey (Maddie Ryan #1)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Five years ago Maddie Ryan found herself the target of a vicious serial killer and barely escaped the encounter with her life. She lost everything in the process and had no choice but to leave Seattle and start afresh. Now a resident of Sanctuary Bay, a small seaside town, Maddie owns a popular local diner and has done everything in her power to leave the past behind her.

But when local girl Ruth Preston goes missing over Thanksgiving, Maddie finds herself drawn into assisting police chief Ben Taylor to help find her—and realizes that her long-dormant ability to see the dead has been reawakened.

With winter holding Sanctuary Bay in its icy grip, and the truth of Ruth Preston’s disappearance proving all the more elusive, Maddie must reconcile the specter of her past with the new life she has made…

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