The Girl in Room 12 by Kathryn Croft

The Girl in Room 12 by Kathryn Croft
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

My husband was the last person to see the girl in room 12. But did he kill her? Our gorgeous house on our quiet tree-lined street is completely safe, the perfect place to raise our little girl. Or so I thought. Because my heart beats out of my chest when I hear the news tonight. A beautiful young woman has been killed in the River Walk Hotel, barely five minutes away. How can something so awful happen here?
I try to block the shocking story out as I kiss my sweet daughter goodnight, her blonde curls fanning out onto the pillow. I just want my husband Max to come home – I don’t feel safe.
I start to tidy up the house, the only way to distract myself from my swirling thoughts. And that’s when I find it. It’s unmistakable. A key card for room 12 at the River Walk Hotel. Where that poor girl has just been found dead. It must be a coincidence. Right?

My hand starts to shake as I think back over the last few days. I know Max has been a bit distracted, arriving home late at night. I’ve started to become paranoid that he could be having an affair. But never something like this.
I tell myself that Max couldn’t kill anyone. He’s a family man now, different to who he was before. Even so, I should go to the police right away. But I can’t.
Because if I do, I’m scared they’ll start to suspect me. How much do I really know about the girl in room 12? And if the truth comes out, how far will I go to protect my precious family?

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