The Legacy of Foulstone Manor by J. C. Briggs

The Legacy of Foulstone Manor by J. C. Briggs
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

What secrets have been taken to the grave…?

Westmorland, England, 1970

Dark and imposing in a bleak landscape, Foulstone Manor stands abandoned on the edges of the Lake District.
Reclusive Joan Goss inherited Foulstone, but her fragmented memories of her childhood there still disturb her and she keeps her distance in a cottage on the outskirts of the land.

Joan was brought up by adoptive parents after her mother died and her father abandoned her.
And she has spent her adult life haunted by the dark rumours of her past.
When Joan’s goddaughter Amanda comes to stay with her, she is finally forced to confront the secrets behind Foulstone Manor.
Records show that Joan’s father committed suicide. But what happened to her mother? And why was Joan never told the truth about her childhood?

As Joan uncovers her mother’s diary, the full truth of her parents’ marriage is revealed.
Did his traumatic experiences in the First World War force her father into an early grave? What caused Joan’s mother’s untimely death?
Can Joan come to accept the inheritance that she has always rejected…?

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