The Lightmaker of Auschwitz by Naphtali Brezniak

The Lightmaker of Auschwitz by Naphtali Brezniak
English | 2023 | Historical Fiction

Can one man bring light to the darkest place in the world?
When Moshe Brezniak steps off the train at Auschwitz, it’s clear to him that the quiet, stable life he’s always wished for is slipping from his grasp.
Knowing he must avoid being assigned to Auschwitz’s manual labor detail if he wants to survive, Moshe gives away the very last of his possessions in return for a job as an electrician in one of Auschwitz’s factories.

Moshe’s new position affords him liberties few others are granted, and he is determined to use them to help others. But with opportunity comes danger. And Moshe’s quest to bring light to Auschwitz, all while struggling every day to survive, might prove to be an impossible quest.
A harrowing, breathtaking, and victorious true story, The Lightmaker of Auschwitz is a testament to the determination of humankind and a celebration of the triumph of good over evil.

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