The New Bad Thing by Michael Ebner

The New Bad Thing by Michael Ebner
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Crime thriller readers of ordinary-people-in-extraordinary-circumstances will enjoy this acclaimed new series – where espionage and mafia worlds collide with Seattle reporter, Teagan Penn. By award-winning author, Michael Ebner, a Kirkus Reviews ‘Best Books of the Year’ author.

Teagan is successful in her own right but she’s not the crusader journalist she aspired to be back in college. She needs a personal distraction and decides to make a difference in the world to help others. When a foreign news story shocks her to the core, she takes matters into her own hands and starts a special project. But not everybody will be happy about her illegally funded venture. When Teagan travels to Paris to deal with a project setback, she wakes up in a luxury hotel in the middle of a terrorist siege. Or is it a planned attack on her life?

Like other survivors from the siege, she is taken to a local police station. Routine questioning turns to intense interrogation by an American–a European Counterterrorism agent–Robert Lexington. She is the only one in custody who has seen Roman in the last ten years. Teagan is persuaded by Lexington to help locate him–a high priority person of interest–and in return she will avoid the courts and military prison back home. What follows is a challenging personal journey for Teagan across Europe and America. She must draw on her experience as a skilled interviewer, improviser and investigator to find the ghost-like Roman for her family’s survival.

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