They Will Know by Bonita Fabian

They Will Know by Bonita Fabian
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

One missing baby. Two shattered families. Too many secrets to count.
A baby girl disappears from her stroller parked outside a restaurant in Denmark while her mother eats lunch inside. Authorities are notified and a massive manhunt is launched.

Two thousand miles away in Sardinia, Italy, a young man shows up with a newborn baby. He gives the baby to his wife, who is still grieving the loss of their stillborn child.

A longtime boarder in the family home hears the news about a missing baby in Copenhagen and becomes suspicious when he learns that the young husband had recently returned from there. The boarder grapples with his loyalty and affection for his host family and doing the right thing for this baby. Interpol investigates and the shocking truth about the baby girl’s identity is revealed.

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