Things She left Behind by Monika Meena

Things She left Behind by Monika Meena
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

“What are you doing?”
“But I haven’t said a word.”
“You don’t have to. These voices inside my head tell me everything, Doctor.”
“Did these voices ever make you do something that you weren’t supposed to do? Did they ever ask you to hurt someone?”


Evelyn Alma Wilson was seventeen years old when she was charged with first-degree murder of her own brother.
Proved guilty, but mentally ill… But is she?

Why did she kill him?
Out of Jealousy?
Out of Passion?
Or out of ignorance?
Only Evelyn knew the truth.

But the truth doesn’t always come out clean.
Sometimes, a moment comes when the good one gets tired of being good all the time.
It is then, we should fear them the most.

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