Two Dead Wives by Adele Parks

Two Dead Wives by Adele Parks
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

An overprotective father has lived as a recluse until his adult daughter – Stacie Jones – returns from Paris, in need of radical brain surgery. Peculiarly, he appears to almost welcome her illness, it does at least mean she is back under his roof – and his control.

In the meantime, the country is rapt with the scandalous case of murdered bigamist Kylie Gillingham. Her husbands, son and best friend are left dealing with a confused mix of emotions: grief, fear and triumph.

But none of them can piece their lives back together while suspicion of her death hangs over at least one of the husbands.

Despite the evidence, Kylie’s two sons won’t accept she is dead and gone. They set out to search for her and find themselves in the same town as Stacie and her father…

How are these families linked and can any of them ever be a real family again after such tragedy?

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