Wake The Past by Sally Rigby

Wake The Past by Sally Rigby (Detective Sebastian Clifford #6)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Family ties…. Buried lies….A life on the line
Detective Sebastian Clifford and his partner Lucinda ‘Birdie’ Bird are about to embark on their most challenging case yet when Lady Angelica Charing tasks them with finding the son she secretly gave away when she was only sixteen.

Time’s running out. This long-lost son isn’t just a missing puzzle piece; he’s the last hope for a life-saving kidney transplant for his dying half-brother. The stakes couldn’t be higher.
With the Charing family’s reputation on the line, Clifford and Birdie must operate under the radar, cutting through years of concealed truths.
As the deadline approaches, they race to find the missing son and persuade him to make a life-altering choice. Can they solve the case and save a life before time runs out?

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