When Night Falls by C.R. Chandler

When Night Falls by C.R. Chandler (Special Agent Ricki James #11)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

When night falls, the predators come out to hunt. . .
With her last case closed, Special Agent Ricki James is hoping for a break from chasing killers. So when she’s assigned to look into a hiking accident in the national park off the coast of Maine, it sounds like a good way to spend a few days doing routine investigative work and ease back into everyday life where murder isn’t at the center. A life that includes a mountain of reports to complete, and planning her upcoming wedding.

But when she arrives at the park, she is told the young couple found at the base of the cliff didn’t slip on the trail and fall on their own, but were stabbed to death and then tossed over the rocky ledge. And they are not the only victims vacationing in a park to die from knife wounds.

That disturbing discovery has Ricki following a string of murders, chasing a killer who leaves taunting messages and no solid clues. When a ranger working with Ricki is murdered, the stakes grow even higher as Ricki finally makes headway in tracking down a killer. But the madman is leading her back to his home ground, where he’s set a trap. And now hot on his trail, Ricki is about to step right in it.

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