A Deadly Game by Gayle Brown

A Deadly Game by Gayle Brown
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

When local college student, Jaden Pierce, disappears one night playing ‘Manhunt in the Woods’ with his fraternity brothers, Nicole, an empathetic stay-at-home mom living a blissful life, joins the search party.

Combing through the wooded area, Nicole unearths her son Kyle’s license and withholds this potential piece of evidence. She trusts him, but a sliver of doubt festers below the surface, thanks to one unresolved incident from middle school and his shady pastime. After he is officially named a person of interest, she must decide what to do next. Unsettled but determined to protect him, Nicole searches for the answers on her own.

While probing deeper, surprised by her unethical actions interfering with the investigation, Nicole realizes she’s being followed. As the situation deteriorates, she is blindsided by the truth, suddenly shattering her trust in people as well as her entire belief system. Now, unsure who to believe and running out of time, Nicole faces her most challenging moral dilemma: With someone’s fate resting in her hands, will she reveal what she’s learned or keep it to herself?

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