A Deadly Game by R.J. Patterson

A Deadly Game by R.J. Patterson (Titus Black Thriller #16)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

No cost is too steep for Titus Black when it comes to freedom.
Nearly six months have passed since Fullgood Initiative mastermind Cicely Calhoun escaped from a supermax prison in Colorado, reigniting fears of how she might strike next. And when the Phoenix Foundation receives credible intel, Titus Black and the team piece together a terrifying plot, a plot that will enable Calhoun to implement her dream of a one-world government … with her in control.

In every corner of the globe, Fullgood has penetrated governments and militaries, setting the stage for a bloodless coup, one so quiet that no one will even know it’s happening before it’s already over. Despite attempts to disrupt Calhoun’s intricate plan, she remains three steps or four ahead of everyone … that is everyone except Titus Black.
With a deadly contagion at Calhoun’s disposal and the power of an entire military at her fingertips, Black remains determined to end Fullgood’s dreams of a new world order and instead bring order to a chaotic world—and do it no matter what the cost.

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