A Fatal Obsession by Trevor Negus

A Fatal Obsession by Trevor Negus (DI Danny Flint #11)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Guy Royal is a much-loved TV star. So why does someone want him dead?
Guy Royal, one of the nation’s favourite TV stars, is shot and killed in his isolated mansion.
Tasked with finding the killer, DCI Flint and the MCIU quickly learn that in real life Royal was a toxic character with many enemies. And that’s a problem because it means there are a lot of people who might have wanted him dead – ex-wives, his manager, drug dealers, disgruntled ex-employees.
With so many suspects, the investigation moves slowly, and comes under increasing scrutiny from a hostile media. And with his new boss demanding results, it soon becomes one of the most complex and difficult cases of Flint’s career.

Then a second murder investigation is launched when the daughter of one of Flint’s closest colleagues is rushed to hospital after taking ecstasy.
But in an unexpected break, it soon becomes clear there may be a link between the two cases. A link which will lead Flint to a remote hideaway where he will face a terrifying threat to his own life in what may be his most thrilling case yet.

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