A Fatal Pact by HJ Reed

A Fatal Pact by HJ Reed (DI Crow #3)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

He finds young girls who are too good for this world. And helps them leave.
When the remains of a woman and child are found in a suburban back garden, forensic analysis reveals they were buried there some twenty years ago.
DCI Crow is tasked with solving what seems to be a cold case, but when the body of a recently murdered teenage girl is discovered in the same house, it starts to get a whole lot warmer.
The previous owner of the house and his young daughter have disappeared without trace, leaving evidence that leads the team from Bristol to the Welsh Valleys, uncovering a trail of girls who have gone missing over the past forty years.

Crow realises he has stumbled on the life’s work of a prolific serial killer, a cold-blooded murderer who must kill to appease his inner demons.
Can Crow and the team stop him before another young girl becomes the next victim? Or will they themselves fall prey to a man whose lust for killing knows no bounds?

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