A Lonely Place of Dying by Ed James

A Lonely Place of Dying by Ed James (DI Rob Marshall #3)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 1 MB

The merciless snow of the Scottish Borders. A case that freezes the blood.
Accustomed to the bustle of London, DI Rob Marshall finds himself confronted with the unforgiving Scottish winters he had long left behind. A gruesome discovery off the high road between Stow and Lauder sends shivers down his spine – a man and a woman, both frozen to death with their wrists and ankles bound. Left to suffer by someone with a sinister motive, or simply victims of the treacherous snowstorm?

As an expert in tracking serial offenders, Marshall is unprepared for a case with no leads, pushing him to rely on old-fashioned detective work, police experience he never gained as a direct entry. Desperate to find answers, he begins to see connections – but are they real or simply a trick of his trained instincts?

Marshall delves into the society of his childhood, coming face-to-face with bitter enemies and unearthing memories he thought he’d escaped when he left the Borders. But as the shadows of his past creep closer, they threaten to turn his world upside down – and prove fatal.
In this riveting police thriller, Marshall must confront the demons of his past and race against time to unravel the truth behind a bone-chilling mystery.

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