A Rush of Blood by Michael Lister

A Rush of Blood by Michael Lister (John Jordan #30)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Ten years ago, second grader Soren Rogers disappeared from his school’s fall festival. And though he’s never been seen again, the Potter County Sheriff’s Office is finally ready to make an arrest. But they want John Jordan to review the case first.

The primary suspect is his stepmom, who never seemed to like Soren and blamed him for most of her problems, including those in her marriage to his father. But she’s not the only suspect. There’s the gang of bullies who terrorized the school. There’s the creepy janitor, the pompous principal, the librarian who lost her own son the year before. In addition to these suspects, John uncovers others with hidden motives and evil agendas.

When another child vanishes, John must race the clock to solve the case or be responsible for the death of not one but two children. Can he unravel the case in time? It would help if he were sleeping and didn’t have to try to save Olivia Nelson, a troubled school counselor being stalked, and protect his loved ones from dangerous forces aligning against them.

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