A Savage In The Future by Craig A. Falconer

A Savage In The Future by Craig A. Falconer
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Time is the tonic. So why wait?
Time travel doesn’t exist.
Sure, it would be great if it did. It would be great if the hype wasn’t all bluster.

With huge funding behind them, ChronoTonic claims to have achieved the impossible. The corporation is pushing its new machine — a time machine — as the solution to Earth’s problems.

I’m just not buying it.
They want to buzz forward in time, pick up a few technological advancements, and buzz back to apply them in the here and now. They say we can save lives and reduce suffering by learning the lessons of the future — today.

The same corporate overlords that got us into these problems are apparently going to get us out of them. Yeah… I’ll believe that when I see it.
I think it’s all empty hype.
And if it’s not, I sure as hell don’t trust ChronoTonic to use this technology as altruistically as they claim.
After years of hype, today is the day when they will finally reveal the machine.
I have media clearance to be in the audience, but I have bigger plans than that.
Once I get inside ChronoTonic HQ, I’m not sitting in the crowd.
No. That’s not what investigative journalists do.
I’m stepping in with one goal in mind:
Wherever or whenever the truth is hiding… I’m going to find it.

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