Aethon’s Revenge by Olin Lester

Aethon’s Revenge by Olin Lester (War For Mars #2)
English | 2023 | Science Fiction | 460 KB

It’s a trap!!
After escaping the hellish prisoner planet of Roon, David Aethon’s ship is stalked by the Legion Battle Cruiser Constantine. During the epic battle, numerous unusual vials labeled with the names of Grim Eternals killed in action are discovered hidden within their stolen ship.

Meanwhile, Empress Enigma Wright has secretly built an army of droids and plans to unleash her fury on the Allied Federation, but to do so, she needs the source of the Legion’s new weapon, hidden within the vials. Or else…

Aethon is faced with a choice, pursue the Empress and avenge his family’s death or get to the bottom of the mysterious vials.

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