Alliance of Outlaws by Ben Hale

Alliance of Outlaws by Ben Hale
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A lost weapon. A forgotten enemy. A new alliance will rise.

An old enemy has returned. Militant zealots backed by a new leader who harbors a thirst for revenge. To face them, Reklin, a retired soldier, must enter the Grand Hunt, a brutal contest where people are prey, and rival teams are culled from the best soldiers in the galaxy. On such a mission, not everyone returns.

Ero Bright’Lor, an outcast Krey noble, has a mad plan to form an alliance from the outlaw clans. If he can overcome centuries of enmity, their combined might would threaten the entire fleet of the Krey Empire. But the cause needs a leader.

Fortunately for him, a distant scavenger vessel has discovered the wreck of a drifting starship. Beneath the twisted hull of the derelict, Siena has waited twelve years for rescue. As a youth she was augmented into a living weapon, and her power has only grown in captivity…

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