And Then She Was Gone by Bronwen J Pratley

And Then She Was Gone by Bronwen J Pratley
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Detective Jack Porter has built a reputation as a closer, but this case might just break him.
Sixteen-year-old Anna Little is starting a new life on a tropical island when she disappears without a trace from a remote beach.

Porter is assigned to find her and travels to the island to work with a group of tight-knit local officers. But it isn’t long before he realises the case has links to another disappearance, years earlier, with a personal connection to his family. A case that tore his family apart and that he’s been desperate to solve ever since.

When a body washes ashore, it will bring the community to its knees. Now, everyone’s a suspect and no one knows who to trust.

Murder and mystery entwine in this fast-paced crime thriller set on sleepy Stradbroke Island.

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