Autumn’s Warning by Mary Stone

Autumn’s Warning by Mary Stone (Autumn Trent Series #2)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 423 KB

The sins of the father are past due.
Still reeling from the nightmarish case that plunged each member of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit into their own personal hell, Special Agent Autumn Trent and her team welcome the distraction when they’re asked to investigate a brutal murder. At least this assignment is someone else’s nightmare.
And it’s a horrific one.

An eighteen-year-old honor roll student is crucified in his front yard. Authorities believe the young man’s murder is connected to his family—a notorious crime syndicate known as the Fabbris. Sixteen years ago, the family was slaughtered in a devastating massacre, and everyone assumed the children had perished along with their parents.
Until now.

When two more sadistic crucifixions take place in as many days, it becomes clear that a sadistic killer is targeting anyone linked to the Fabbris. Scrambling to solve a puzzle without all the pieces, Autumn can’t help but think her boyfriend and boss, Aiden Parrish, is keeping secrets that could jeopardize not only their relationship but also the lives of the next potential victims.
As she unravels the truth, Autumn realizes that the past can never truly be left behind—and that the forces of revenge are relentless.

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