Bad Men by Julie Mae Cohen

Bad Men by Julie Mae Cohen
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 413 KB

Even serial killers want a happily-ever-after . . . The darkly funny, ingenious and outrageous thriller debut from Julie Mae Cohen.

SAFFY HUNTLEY-OLIVER is beautiful, charming, rich, and in her spare time she’s a serial killer. For the past fifteen years she’s been hunting down and killing bad men: rapists, murderers, domestic abusers. As a hobby, it’s not as Instagrammable as baking, but at least it’s better for your thighs.
The problem is, that it’s hard to sustain a healthy, balanced heterosexual relationship when you’re expecting to have to kill your boyfriend at any moment. She’s lost her faith in mankind.

That’s why she’s decided to look for a good man instead, preferably one who shares her interests. Jon Desrosiers, with his campaigning podcast, perfect bone structure and adorably messy hair, could be just the guy for her. As the creator of a hugely popular true-crime podcast, he has to delve deep into the psyches of monsters, though he’s always been on the side of justice.

So begins a tale of obsession as Saffy uses every trick in the book to get her man. Regardless of the cost to human life…

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