Beautiful Boards & Delicious Charcuterie for Every Occasion by Kate Woodson

Beautiful Boards & Delicious Charcuterie for Every Occasion: 100 Easy-to-Make Recipes for Meats, Cheese, Veggies, Butter Boards by Kate Woodson
English | 2023 | Food & Cooking | 76 MB

A delicious guide to creating the ultimate charcuterie board!

100 recipes and ingredient suggestions for grazing and snack boards, sides, dips, and more
28 board themes including fruit, chocolate, spicy, meat-lovers, tapas, holiday, and more
24 pairing recipes for scrumptious sides, homemade crackers, breads, and nut spreads
60 dips, salsas, jams, glazes, hummus, spreads, and more, that pair perfectly with the boards
Helpful introduction on the must-have elements to build beautiful boards that will impress your friends
Inspirational gallery of gorgeous boards to give you great ideas for how to arrange and present your next charcuterie board

Create charcuterie platters perfect for your next gathering with friends and family!

Beautiful Boards & Delicious Charcuterie for Every Occasion provides endless grazing board ideas for brunch, dinner, hors d’oeuvres, dessert, and more that will satisfy any appetite. Featuring 28 snack, charcuterie, and butter board themes — from sweet and savory to seasonal and international, including Mediterranean, autumnal, chocolate, and more — 24 pairing recipes are also included for homemade crackers, breads, and sides, plus 60 dips, spreads, jams, salsas, glazes, brittle, bruschetta, and more. There are even four butter board recipes so you can try out the latest board craze!

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