Beyond the Ranges by John Ringo, James Aidee

Beyond the Ranges by John Ringo, James Aidee
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

After Earth is destroyed, Jason Graham finds himself-along with tens of thousands of others-offered a second chance on a planet on the far side of the galaxy. For one man, it’s a chance at the life he never led-and this time he’ll get it right.

For Jason Graham, the world ends not with a bang, not even with much of a whimper.

One second, he’s sitting in a restaurant in Mobile, Alabama, chatting with a server, the next he finds himself in a strange room, rescued by mysterious alien benefactors. Seems the world did end, though how and why are something of a mystery.

Now, Jason-and five hundred million other humans-are in orbit around an Earthlike world that is abundant in natural resources and totally untamed. For the newly awakened humans, this is a chance to start society with a clean slate and a bright future. For Jason, who has knocked about aimlessly in several different careers in his Earth life, it’s an opportunity to unleash his creativity and ambition and see what he can really do.

But who are the alien benefactors that have contrived this second act for some of Earth’s denizens? And what do they really want?

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